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This company is an existing internet company in Hunan Province of the China. It can promise a lot of techniques they can handle(which they can't ) , but later on asking the customers outside CHINA to search for many technical supports outside China in order to suit its own rigid "hanging " failed prototype software which they claim can run outside China, in fact it can't run at all.

The demo given by them is not trusted as it run in China's software environment. They have little knowhow of software environment outside China. The worst thing is that they dont refund or partially refund the deposit . All the failures are pushing to customers and they don't pick up phone any more.

So this company is considered as a " smart scammer " which customers hardly can prove the scaming behavior of this software , the big boss is 周民帅 They only take very small amout of deposit compared with other software company in order to let customer being trapped in . Do not buy any software from this company

User's recommendation: it is a smart scammer internet company to lure your deposit first , later on pushing all technical failures to customers.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Hunan Ilida Industry Pros: Need only small amount of deposit to book a software.

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